Beacon Health System Testimonials

OK! First Off, Dr. Mike Is AMAZING!!

He has helped my family and I in so many ways!

I had a yeast infection for 4 years. I took over the counter drugs and prescription medications. None of them work on my infection. My gynecologist told me to use Neosporin for the soreness. I thought, "no way". The next day I called Dr. Mike and set up an appointment. After following his protocol and diet recommendations, my yeast infection totally cleared up in a few weeks. We continue to see him for our nutritional health and chiropractic care.

He has so many good things to offer! You'll be sorry if you don't go see him!

Sincerely, Lisa B.

Lisa B.

My name is Marc B. and I have been going to Dr. Mike Orr for several years. I have gone to him for overall health. I struggled for many years (at least 6) with my digestive system. I either had diarrhea or constipation. I felt chronically bloated. It was very frustrating to live this way. Since my mother
had had part of her colon remove because of similar issues, I decided to look into an alternative.

After following Dr. Mike's protocol of supplements and diet, my digestive problems have almost
completely been healed. He has helped me be able to live a normal life not worrying about "running to
the bathroom."

Dr. Mike has been able to not only help me, but many of my family members (wife, children) live a fuller life. Thanks for giving us answers and blessings us with your wisdom on health!

Marc B.

I have been so extremely blessed by Dr. Orr. When I first started coming to him a few years ago, I was in an extreme amount of pain, severely on my right, and some on my left. I couldn't seem to figure out what was causing all of this pain, and was ready to go to the hospital, although I was so scared; I am not fond of hospitals or needles. Dr. Orr discovered that my spleen as well as my liver were both struggling and in need of much support. Through the amazing and effective, yet non evasive way he has of figuring out exactly what natural supplements you need, as well as the correct dosage for your body, he tweaked everything just right. I was a little skeptical at first, but did everything that he said to do. I was ASTONISHED! within just 3 days I was totally out of pain! I have been coming to him ever since,
and have many friends and family that have come to know the same thing. We all trade testimonies now, and thank God every day for the gifts He has given to Dr. Orr.

Frequently, myself and my parents can be around sick people, and never get sick! There is something major to be said about keeping your body balanced, which is what this process does. Thanks Dr. Orr!

T. Able