It is now widely understood and accepted that our bodies are made up of a system of BioPic1.jpgenergetic pathways, called energy meridians. Each of these meridians associates to a particular organ or organ system, and has measurable impedance level (which is how well electricity moves through the tissue, similar to an EKG), which can be evaluated to determine which of the organ systems in your body may be stressed or weakened.

Here at Beacon Health Systems, we use the BioMeridian Stress Test to evaluate these organ systems. The BioMeridian is the only FDA approved, state of the art bioelectrical impedance measurement system.

How it works

The patient holds a brass conductor to create an electrical circuit within the body. A probe is placed on specific locations on the skin (typically on the hands and feet) which directly correlate to an organ or organ system, measuring the rate at which electricity is able to move through that  specific organ’s meridian. That measurement is compared to the “healthy” rate of conductivity, which allows the practitioner to evaluate which organs are weakened, or under stress.

Upon completion of the test, the results are compiled into a report that charts the functional health of each of the patient’s organ systems. From this information, we can recommend nutritional and lifestyle adjustments to help bring any stressed or weakened organ systems back to healthy lBiopic2.png evels.


The test is non-invasive and pain free. The machine uses a very mild electrical current, which cannot be felt, and is completely safe.


Benefits of the BioMeridian stress test

Non-invasive, painless, and safe for all ages.
Pinpoints core issues in the body that may be causing fatigue, sickness, pain, or unsolved health concerns.
Based on your test results, you will receive nutritional, supplemental, and healthy lifestyle counseling to help you improve your health.
Helps patients maintain the structural and functional integrity of important body systems.
Suggests possible conditions present that may require traditional medical treatment.
No risks or side effects.